I am a Paraprofessional Paraeducator

Zochil Eagan

Going from “just” a para to A PARA PRO!


10+ Years Of Experience As A Special Education Paraeductor.

Hi, there! I am Zochil Eagan and I’m  A Para Pro. I have been a  paraeducator for over 10 years and have special education experience in preschool, elementary and middle school.  If you are looking for a fun place to learn more about being a paraeducator or tips, tricks, techniques, and activities for managing your little ones. Welcome! 

What People Are Saying

"My experience with Zee...was very positive. She is a friendly, kind and proactive person! Zee embraced a child she was working with like her own and she was advocating for him since his communication skills were limited at that time. Zee has a very pleasant personality and I felt very comfortable working with her. She loves to communicate when the needs arrives instead of assuming or gossiping. She is a great person and an extraordinary paraprofessional and I am proud to know her!!!
Preschool Paraeducator
"Zee is an amazing paraeducator! She jumps right into any task with all she has! She definitely puts the students' needs first and is on top of knowing what they need and what works best for each student she interacts with! Zee is also a team player!"
Special Education Teacher
"Working with Zee is great! She is a team player. She is always able to focus on her student while being able and willing to help other students and those on the team at any time. She always has a positive attitude and is able to stay calm in all circumstances. She has creative and helpful ideas. She specifically helped me think of and create an activity for the student I work with. It was specifically aimed at meeting his needs. I really appreciated her going above and beyond to help me."
1:1 Individual Intensive Paraeducator

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